Can you keep and use your own teeth for life?
The smart way to use the dentist


I do not think that there is anybody who does not wish to eat using their own teeth throughout their lifetime. People wish to not have to undergo painful dentistry treatment but still enjoy eating what they like, if it is possible. Many people regard the effect of dental care goods, such as a tooth brush, as being the answer.

I think that the correct method of visiting the dentist is not understood by many people. There is also much misapprehension toward the dentist and dentistry medical treatment, and I regard the present dental condition exists after seeing the criticism and refusal for treatment based on this misapprehension.

No matter how carefully you perform daily brushing gingivitis and cavities will begin to develop steadily. When this dental accident is noticed, it is already too late. Many people visit the dentist only after they reach this state, and they are shocked by the complicated medical treatment necessary which they did not anticipate. Forced with unexpected medical treatment or an unsatisfactory prognosis, the people's distrust of the dentist grows larger. This is how most people have treated the visit to the dentist up until now. Teeth can not be protected for life use through this way of thinking. This is because the treatment is left until the terminal stage, a point for which the dentist can not hope to repair the problem.

So what is needed in order to fulfill the wish of being able to keep one's natural teeth for life? In this book, in order to fulfill this dream, the key point is centered on controlling gingivitis and cavities, which are two major dental diseases. The basic knowledge of the present condition of dentistry medical treatment and receiving dentistry medical treatment are introduced in this book. Moreover, it is one of the themes of this book to show how to wisely use the dentist.

I wish that at least one person's thoughts on gingivitis or dentists are changed with this book. And if from this book people start to consider protecting their own teeth, I will be extremely pleased.